What is

the 6 Month Program?

The 6 month program involves meeting twice a month for 55 minutes each session- approximately every other week. During these sessions we would complete a health assessment, determine goals, develop a plan through specific strategies, and work on implementing lifestyle supports to enable growth and progress towards your desired goals.

This program is based on the premise that six months is the perfect time frame to establish & maintain healthy eating & lifestyle habits. We start with a health history to determine goals, discuss 'hang ups' from the past, and develop a plan.  This plan will incorporate diet suggestions, activities to meet fitness goals, and even assistance with sleep concerns & other lifestyle needs (relaxation, meditation, time management, etc.).


Many clients meet their goals in less than 6 months but discover that they run into  roadblocks or other  'bumps in the road' that would typically cause set backs. The time frame of this program allows us to work together to get back on track.